Superlative SousVide steam cooking  

Taking steam cooking to the next level

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Exceptional tastes and textures

Cooking with steam has opened the way to creating flavours that surpass all others. And with sous vide cooking you have the latest cooking techniques, used by professional chefs to capture true essence of food by sealing in flavours and slow cooking with steam. Sous vide helps to infuse ingredients with herbs and spices and preserve moisture - producing tender meat, flaky fish and flavourful vegetables that retain their nutrients. Cooking with steam at low temperatures makes dishes both succulent and healthy, whilst reducing the risk of overcooking.



Sous vide cooking made simple

With the new ProCombi Steam oven and SousVide drawer you simply vacuum pack the ingredients, sealing them in the bag in the oven drawer and then place the bag directly on the oven shelf - without need for a water bath or other equipment. Because it is all in a bag the clean up is minimal and the sous vide vacuum sealer bags are simple to replace. Plus, sealing it all in the bag means that you can prepare meals ahead of time and cook them when it suits you.




Four steps to superlative flavours

1. Prepare
Clean, chop and season the ingredients, placing the raw, chilled meat or fish in the vacuum seal bag
2. Seal
Place the bag in the SousVide vacuum sealer drawer to seal in all the flavours
3. Steam
Place the sealed bag on the shelf of the ProCombi Steam oven and select the SousVide function on the ovens touchscreen menu
4. Enjoy
Plate up your sensational dish - food can be fried or grilled to brown and crisp and the juices in the bag make delicious sauces.



Professional cooking

Used in professional kitchens throughout the world, chefs have long favoured sous vide cooking to combine ingredients to achieve intense flavours. AEG have taken the latest in steam cooking techniques and responsive technology to bring sous vide cooking into the home.

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